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Sparc Systems

Integrated Computer Graphics: Quality Control - Food Safety.


Presenting our counting, weighing and inspection system...
All in one!

Do you need a metal detector that also inspects labels?
Do you want to X-ray your products to look for foreign particles?
Are you looking for a weight controller, suitable for a multi-line system?
Do you want a way to improve productivity at your company?

No matter what the case may be, our computer graphics will help you.


We have spent 25 years on R+D+i in designing and building equipment, solving our customers' needs and gaining great experience. All of this has earned us high international recognition.


Our technology and knowledge has led us to build a robust machine, adapted to hostile settings. It is hygienic and very special. With designs that offer great durability, easy handling, minimum product-change times, low maintenance and, in general, high performance.


Our experienced engineers use cutting-edge technology from the pharmaceutical and packaging markets to offer systems that increase your business' productivity, all while minimising inactivity times.


Basically, there are four scopes of action that translate to a large range of equipment and machines. There is a recommended piece of equipment for each application:

  • Metal detector: Detects ferrous metals.
  • X-ray particle detector: Detects foreign particles.
  • Label inspection: Barcodes, date, batch, data and product.
  • Dynamic weighing: Line weighing, controlling and selection.
  • Combination: Several of these elements, or others, in one single module

Sparc Theia

Combination of X-Rays, Label Inspection and Weight Control System.