About Us


Forty years ago, Mr Antxon García Velázquez, founded HARATEK INPORTAKETA locally. For over 30 years, it has encompassed all of Spain.

This adventure undertaken so many years ago has acted as a model to follow, accompanying us up to the present day, evolving with the times and always bearing the same foundational principles.


Following the path of Service, Innovation, Quality and Technology we have always walked, and that has satisfactorily brought us all the way here.


Our day-to-day objective is to offer our clients products that are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, technical consulting services, top-quality equipment and proven durability and, above all else, a comprehensive, up-close-and-personal and professional technical service, always seeking excellence.


Flexible, personal and problem-solving for our clients. Solvent and effective, like the large European companies we work with and represent.


We have a human team that meets your needs.


Technical Department

We make your needs our own, and we offer our best solution.

Sales Department

We walk side-by-side our clients, making their projects our objective.

Sat Post-Sales Services

This is one of the keys to Haratek's success. Fast, effective and problem-solving service, along with experienced and solvent "product application".


The sum of our efforts... multiplies the results.