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Ilapack – Flow-Bag

Your best packaging partner for your product.

HFFS and VFFS flow packaging machines, weighing and counting solutions and complete packaging lines. The best consulting, leading technology and first-class service: get the best results for your business.

Given the exceptional perishable nature of meat and poultry products, ILAPAK's packaging solutions provide hygienic machinery, leak-tight soldering, MAP systems (modified atmosphere packaging), flexibility in changing products to handle a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and excellent package aesthetic.

The ILAPAK team of specialists is proud of its many years of practical experience in the meat and poultry industry. Our verified know-how is expertly applied to our entire line of flexible packaging and automatic line machinery. Designed with your needs in mind.

With a Flow-Bag line, packaging is done naturally: we wrap the product with a sheet of film, we form a bag, vacuum it, then seal it.

Versatility, logistics and traceability:

With a Flow-Bag line and simple adjustments, all the products in your stock can be packaged.

Prolongation of the packaged product's life cycle:

Since it doesn't have spaces or wrinkles, no liquids can move about, enhancing preservation. If shrink wrap is used, the benefits multiply: The barrier against light, oxygen and other factors, along with compressing the product inside the package, increases durability for the packages under optimum conditions.


Ilapack Delta Flow-Bag









Packaged in the Flow-Bag system for vacuum applications.

Robust, hygienic design for easy access, maintenance and cleaning.

Manufactured with noble, unalterable materials. Stainless steel finishes.

Horizontal packaging machine, right version, PC-controlled with four independent servomotors, for airtight packages, with or without gas discharge, with one single Long-Dwell sealing head system.

Lengthwise sealing system, with independent rollers and separated adjustment.

Computer-controlled, multi-shaft, horizontal shape, filling and sealing, with control system without product/no bag and safety control for displaced products.