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Henkelman – Vacuum packaging machines.

Henkelman is specialised in the development, production and distribution of cutting-edge vacuum packaging machines. Thanks to its leading position in vacuum-packaging technology, Henkelman stands out from the rest, with a myriad of options regarding the line, model, accessories and work programmes for each vacuum packaging system in use today.


The machines are “Made in Holland”. They combine a clean and functional design with optimum ease of use and a long life cycle. Installation is simply “plug & pack”. Thanks to the ingenious construction, hygiene is always guaranteed.


Your machine will be quickly delivered. Henkelman has an extensive network of qualified distributors all over the world. This network guarantees the robustness of a personalised service and a quick, effective response to all your questions.


A complete line of professional vacuum-packaging machines, from table top models with affordable prices to double-chamber industrial machines.

Industrial Models

Resistant, industrial, double-chamber machines, ideal for vacuum packaging large amounts of product.


Titaan 2-90

Completely automatic machine with removable conveyor belts. The smart design, solid stainless steel construction and high-quality materials guarantee each vacuum-packaging process, in all settings and environments.




Complete line of single- or double-chamber equipment for MAP and vacuum packaging. Stainless steel line with flat work plate and many possibilities for programmes and options, such as automatic cover and industrial sealing system. Easy-to-use, with low maintenance and totally HACCP-compatible.

Automatic Polar 2-95

Suitable for industrial capacities

  • Chamber dimensions (LxWxH): 730x1100x280mm
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 1215x2420x1130mm
  • Soldering bar length: 2x 1100
  • Pump capacity: 300 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec.



Floor Models

Models particularly suitable for use in medium- to large-sized sectors. Food and non-food.


Falcon 52


  • Chamber dimensions (LxWxH): 520x500x230 mm
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 690x700x1070 mm
  • Soldering bar length: 2x 520 mm
  • Pump capacity: 063 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec.



Table top Models

Efficient and high-quality. Choose from a complete selection of vacuum packaging machines for any budget.


Mini Jumbo


  • Chamber dimensions (LxWxH): 310x280x85 mm
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 450x330x295 mm
  • Soldering bar length: 280 mm
  • Pump capacity: 004 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 25-60 sec.


Restaurant Industry



Vacuum Cuisine