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Since the nineties, MAJA has developed, produced and distributed a cutting system for fresh meat. The MAJA FP system cuts fillets with precise weights and a homogeneous shape, thanks to the volumetric cut system, optimising appearance and hygiene while minimising reduction.


Portion cutting system with controlled weight FP 240


  • Versatile application: for all pork, beef, veal, lamb, poultry cuts, fresh, frozen, with or without bones.
  • Change to other products in matter of seconds.
  • Minimum changes and preparation times thanks to constantly inputting the meat, with the greatest safety for operators.
  • High cutting capacity with different portion formats.
  • Peak performance: Slices cut in portions without clipping.


Equipment & Characteristics


  • For fresh and frozen meat cuts, with and without bone, of pork, veal, lamb and poultry.
  • For economic production of fillets, scallops, meat rolls, pork chops, meat cubes, etc.
  • Max. cut length / dimension of raw material (mould size): 625 mm (FP 240-6) / 750 (FP 240-7)
  • Cut yield: approx. 40 up to 240 per minute (gross).
  • Cut thickness: approx. 2 - 80 mm



Cut mould:


Different rings can be used in one same mould. This means that different products may be cut with minimum preparation time.




Portion Format:

  • Scaled / stacked / individual filets.
  • Completes groups for proper final packaging.


Quality in the cut, precision in weight and balance degree:

  • The principle of cutting with volumetric control achieves portions that are very much equal, as requested by manufacturers of self-service and pre-cooked products.
  • Homogeneous portions.
  • Constant cutting thickness and optimum cutting quality, thanks to the use of the special MAJA blade.
  • The beginning and end cut are automatically selected and discarded separately. Trimmings can be discarded in a box, for example.





Three types of standard cut available for selection:

  • "Maximum precision weight" - optimised weight cut: The machine adjusts weight per slice to the maximum. There is only one trimming per piece, which leads not only to high weight precision, but also maximum yield.
  • "Maximum yield" - optimised cut yield: The raw material is divided into portions with constant thickness, with a great approximation to objective weight, achieving maximum yield and avoiding trimmings.
  • "Constant thickness" - cut by millimetres:
  • All portion cut programmes provide the possibility of an initial and/or end cut of the raw material.
  • Individual portion cut programmes can be stored and opened by the operator at any time.




Constant meat input:

  • The revolving systems provides for constant raw material input, so that portions are cut uninterruptedly. Therefore, there is minimum non-productive time.
  • The input process has the highest degree of protection for the operator.


How to operate and machine characteristics:

  • Weight category change (type-portion weight): Quick and easy change for operators, in a matter of seconds, with the touchscreen menu (with IP69K protection).
  • Weight protection: Individual and highly flexible during cutting cycles.
  • Change and preparation times: Very fast product change, in seconds, without using tools.
  • User identification with RFID technology (radio frequency ID) with different chips and security access levels.
  • Modern servo drive technology, with no need for compressed air.


Solid construction and hygienic design:

  • Stainless steel VA, up to a maximum of 20mm.
  • The cleaning water easily slides over the bevelled surface; therefore, there is no water, dirtiness or detergent remains.
  • All machine parts are food-safe.
  • All mould components can be disassembled for cleaning.



Hygienic MAJA robot for meat packaging.


MAJA solutions - Hygiene and food safety:


Only food-safe materials.

  • Design without angles, edges or corners.
  • No coverings (eloxal, varnishes, carbon fibres, etc.).
  • Hygienic screws without points or protrusions.
  • No parts that can be lost.
  • Noble, unalterable materials. Carbon fibre-free. No coverings.
  • Safe-grip technology systems.
  • Easy to clean under high pressure, up to 28 bars.



MAJA Hygienic Robot Cell for automated packing processes:

  • High efficiency.
  • Short ROI period.


One-hand automation:

  • Portioning - loading / pick & place - transport.
  • Individual MAJA system solutions for the meat industry.


Made in Germany:

  • Development, engineering, production, start-up and maintenance: all with one hand, all MAJA!